Countryness [] handles your information both as a "Processor" and as a "Controller". In summary this means that we have a lot of responsibility for your personal data, and we take this very seriously.

Unlike many other websites, we don't try to track your browsing behaviour and we don't sell your data to anyone.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites so that they can remember information about you. The only cookies that we place on your computer are essential ones, necessary for our website to function. Please see our cookie policy to learn more.

The information you provide that others can see

Countryness is a messaging platform and as such you are able to provide a variety of information. This helps in finding people to chat to and aims to improve your experience on our website. The information you provide that others can see includes:

  • Your first name
  • Your gender
  • Your age bracket
  • Your country
  • Your profile image (optional)
  • Your bio (optional)

Other people can also see the date that you registered, the date you were last active and the countries you have talked to.

The information you provide that only you can see

Some of the information that you provide is not visible to others. This includes:

  • Your time zone
  • Your language
  • Your email address

Other information

We also store other information that helps us to keep our website secure, defeat spam and analyse any issues that you might experience. Only the admins can see this information. This includes:

  • Your IP address
  • The country your IP address belongs to
  • The type of your device

How long we keep your information for

We keep your information for the minimum amount of time necessary. For instance:

  • If you register but don't verify your email address, your account will be deleted after one week.
  • If you delete your account, it will be deleted immediately unlike on some other websites.

In rare situations we may be required to keep your data for longer, if for example a law has been broken.

How we secure your information

We take a number of steps to ensure your information is secure, such as:
  • Using SSL to encrypt all of the data that you send on our website
  • Restricting access to your information to the minimum extent necessary
  • Using a secure server, which is regularly updated, to store your information
  • Verifying the identity of any individual who requests access to your information

How you control your information

We aim to give you the maximum amount of control over your data. For example:

  • You can edit your information in the settings
    • The only exception is your first name and country (this helps prevent abuse)
  • You can export your information to understand what is stored
  • You can delete your account

External services

To assist with making our website as safe as possible for everyone, we might on occasion send some of your information to various third-party services that we have carefully chosen:

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Last modified: 21 August, 2022

When we make changes to our Privacy Policy we will update the 'Last Modified' date to reflect this. In cases where we make substantial changes, we will endeavor to communicate this to you using our range of channels such as email and social media.