You must be from the country that you select at registration

To ensure authenticity and a fair system, it is essential that you represent your own country. By selecting your actual country of origin during registration, you contribute to a genuine dialogue where experiences and perspectives are truly representative of where you are from. This authenticity enriches the conversations and allows for exchanges that reflect the unique aspects of your country.

The conversations that you have must be genuine

At Countryness, we value sincere and meaningful interactions. You are encouraged to engage in honest and thoughtful conversations, sharing real-life stories and insights. This not only improves your own experience but also helps preserve the quality of interactions for everyone involved and ensures that every user's experience is genuine, contributing fairly to the competitive aspect of the website.

You must not message yourself from another account

To maintain the integrity of the website, it is crucial that you refrain from creating multiple accounts to interact with yourself. Such actions undermine the purpose of Countryness, which is to facilitate real interactions between people from different countries. Ensuring that all conversations are between unique individuals not only upholds the website's mission but also ensures that your position on the leaderboard accurately reflects your genuine efforts to connect with people from around the world.