Beware of Requests for Money

While most users on here are genuine, please be aware there may be people with bad intentions.

No matter how believable the story or how much you think you know the person, never send money.

Please report anyone who asks for money, stop communicating with the person and block them.

Protect your Personal Information

We protect your safety by only showing your first name and your approximate age.

We recommend not posting your email or other identifiable information like your address or workplace.

Stay on our Website

Be cautious of any attempt to move the conversation to a platform such as a messaging app or email.

We have procedures to help detect people with bad intentions which other platforms may not have.

Be careful about visiting any suggested websites.

Protect your Account

Pick a strong password when registering.

Always logout if on a public or shared computer.

Report Everything

We want to know if someone has done or said anything inappropriate so we can protect you and others.

You can report someone on their profile page or on the page showing your conversation with them.