Our list of countries is based on the 193 member states of the United Nations, as well as their 2 non-member observer states, Vatican City and Palestine. We have also included the partially recognised state of Kosovo.

If you are from a territory, autonomous region or any other type of dependency, please select the country most associated with where you are from.

To complete a country, simply have a conversation with someone from that country.

We use a special algorithm to detect when a conversation is complete. It's based on factors such as the number of messages and the amount of characters, and there's a random aspect to it too.

Yes we encourage you to continue talking even after we have saved your conversation as complete.

We may review an account if it appears to be compromised or is in violation of our terms. This helps to keep our community safe for everyone. We aim to finish this process within 48 hours.

Someone is more likely to reply if they respond to at least half of the conversations that they receive.

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